Sarah Louise Nails & Beauty Salon Policy


Please do not arrive before your booked appointment time as stated by the salon's COVID-19 Salon Procedure. If you arrive early you will not be allowed to enter the salon until your appointment time. Please allow additional time for any pre-treatment/service consultations.


Late Arrival

Appointment scheduling permits the correct amount of time to complete your treatment/service. If you expect to be late to your appointment, please inform us as soon as possible. If you arrive 15 minutes or more late, your appointment will be cancelled and rescheduled.

This is to ensure our client’s scheduled appointments stay on track.

Appointment Reschedule & Appointment Cancellation

To reschedule or cancel your appointment please contact me a MINIMUM of 24hr before your appointment day/time. 

Cancellation Policy

Please see below for the list of cancellation charges:

Cancel within 72hrs+ of your appointment = £0 Charge

Cancel within 24-72hrs+ of your appointment = £0 Charge

Cancel within 24hrs of your appointment = 50% Charge

Cancel within 1hr of your appointment = 100% Charge

Do not attend your appointment = 100% Charge


Medical Conditions and Special Needs

Prior to receiving your treatments, please inform us about any special needs or medical conditions, pregnancy, injuries, allergies, or disabilities. This will help customise your service to ensure the highest satisfaction and benefits.



If you have a potentially contagious condition on your hands or feet, signs of a fungus or wart for example, we cannot provide services to you until said condition has fully cleared up. We also cannot perform services if open or infected wounds are present. If you have a condition on your hands or feet that you think is suspect, please notify us before the service begins, and we will advise you on whether or not services can be legally and safely performed.



Children under the age of 16 will be required to have a parent or guardian, over the age of 18yrs, present at all times during the appointment. Parental consent  must be given for children under the age of 16yrs to receive any services/treatments.

A permission form will be provide for the parent/guardian to complete before the service/treatment goes ahead. 



If you are not happy with your nails, please make us aware of it BEFORE you pay. We will adjust them to your satisfaction or remove any enhancements or coatings that have been applied at the first available opportunity.
Absolutely NO refunds will be given after you have left the salon.


Mobile Phones

Under the salon's COVID-19 Salon Procedure, clients are not permitted to use mobile phones during the service or treatment.

We Reserve the Right to Refuse Service To:

(This is not an exhaustive list)

-Anyone with a nail condition we suspect may be contagious.

-Anyone with open or infected wounds on the treatment area.

-Anyone in ill health that we suspect may be contagious.

-Anyone whose nails may not be in adequate/safe condition and we feel may harm the nails, or cause further harm, by our services.

-Anyone more than 15 minutes or more late for an appointment without contacting the salon.

-Anyone under the age of 16yrs who does not have a parent/guardian over the age of 18yrs present at their appointment.

-Anyone under the age of 16yrs whose parent/guardian over the age of 18yrs have not completed the permission form prior to the service/treatment.

-Anyone who repeatedly cancels appointments.

-Anyone who does not show up to a booked appointment without giving prior notice by contacting the salon.

-Anyone who has NOT completed the COVID-19 Client Questionnaire A MAXIMUM of 24HRS BEFORE their appointment.

-Rude, mean, aggressive, threatening or disrespectful behaviour towards the therapist.