Sarah  Louise

Press-On Nails

With my unique hand painted, natural looking false nails available in various different shapes and different colours, I will 100% have something for you! You can order as many sets as you like!!

Another "PERK” is they are reusable, so you can switch and mix and match your SARAH LOUISE NAILS sets and wear a different set for every day of the week! Just glue on and GO!!!

You can pick from the Nail Designs below, additional nail designs in the Gallery section of my websiteor send me a message with details/picture of your own design/s.

I will design any nail set just for you!!!!


Prices start from just £22 + £3.95 P&P.

Prices vary depending on the nail length and level of detail on the chosen design.

Whats Included in the Sets.


Each set includes:

💗Nail Sizing Kit (Posted to you beforehand)

💗Nail File/Buffer
💗Cuticle Oil
💗Cuticle Pusher
💗Nail Glue
💗Application Instructions
💗Full Nail Set (10 nails)

How to Order.

Step 1:

Contact me via:

Step 2:

Choose your Nail shape, approx Length and Design.

Step 3:

Send payment via PayPal - Once I have received your chosen nail length and design information, I will be able to advise you of the total price together with my PayPal details.

Step 4:

Measure your nails - I will post you a Nail Sizing kit that includes 10 different nail sizes for your chosen Nail Shape and Length.

You just need to let me know your tip sizes for each finger after they have been measured to enable me to create your custom nail set.

Step 5:

Look forward to receiving your nail set/s within 3-5 working days!!!!!!!!!

**Disclaimer: Sarah Louise is not liable for incorrect fitting of nails as these were produced using the customers self measurements. No refunds/exchanges.

Nail Shapes & Lengths.


  • Oval Short (max 20mm long)

  • Oval Medium (max 24mm long)

  • Oval Long (max 27mm long)


  • Square Short (max 20mm long)

  • Square Medium (max 24mm long)

  • Square Long (max 27mm long)


  • Coffin/Ballerina Short (max 24mm long)

  • Coffin/Ballerina Medium (max 26mm long)

  • Coffin/Ballerina Long (max 31mm long)


  • Stiletto Medium (max 25mm long)

  • Stilletto Long (max 31mm long)


Nail Designs.